Trying again!

This past December shortly after a month had pasted since Matthew was born, my husband and I started talking about when a good time to start trying to have another baby was for us. My husband has always wanted a December baby for two reasons: 1) his dad was born on December 9th, but pasted away when my husband was 8 years old and 2) he was also born in December. So because my husband would like a baby in December we figured we would start trying this month (February).

During my 6 week postpartum appointment I discussed with my doctor if we needed to wait, or if February would be too soon. Her reply to me was, “If you are ready then you can start trying.” She reassured me that since the circumstances with Matthew had nothing to do with mine or my husband’s fertility, then there really is not reason for us to have to wait.

So here we are in February and about to embark on trying again! I am definitely trying to not hold my breath for a winter baby, but I am also trying to stay hopeful that we might get lucky!

Please keep us in your prayers that this is a part of God’s plan for us, and that we are to conceive a healthy baby that we will be able to take home!

Sending all TTC mommies lots of baby dust!


  1. I will surely be praying. Just remember that God’s time isn’t necessarily our wish. Don’t get discouraged. Maybe you will have a “different month” baby, but healthy is the goal.

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