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Hello September!

Here's to New Beginnings! It's been awhile since I last posted... Partly because I was having a hard time processing my first Mother's Day, my husband's first Father's Day, how I wanted to continue honoring Matthew... honestly... the excuses are endless as this point and then I longer I was gone the harder it was… Continue reading Hello September!

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5 tips for learning to crochet!

I started to crochet in January of this year. I am self taught with the help of YouTube videos. Along the way I have stumbled through learning and I wanted to pass along a few tips to those looking to start! Some of these tips I read or was told by others, and some are… Continue reading 5 tips for learning to crochet!

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Crochet projects! 

It has been two months since I started this blog! I cannot believe it!  Because it has been two months since I started I wanted to give you an update on how my crocheting has progressed! I have completed 7 baby blankets of various sizes, and three baby beanies. I also have two personal projects… Continue reading Crochet projects!