My earliest walks with God. (Part 2)

A story of how my faith has grown into what it is today.  

Do you need to catch up on Part 1

The most influential people along my faith journey:

  • My mother
  • Suzan (long time family friend)
  • My step-mother
  • Beth Moore
  • C.S. Lewis
  • An old Co-worker
  • Father Gerry (head reverend at my church)

After finding such peace with participating in a bible study I knew I needed to find my relationship with God. Around this same time I had changed my Major in college, moved to a new apartment and was finally in a great place with my now husband. Also, around this time I started to be plagued with nightmares and severe bad luck. I honestly believe that Devil was trying to sway my belief and turn me against God. Every time I would wake up from a nightmare, I would cling to my Rosary that my mother had bought me from the Vatican (blessed by the Pope!) and chant the Lord’s Prayer, until I felt the negativity disappear. The entire time I lived at that apartment I was plagued with the nightmares, and negative feelings. 

I continued my faith journey through personal reflections, since I was “too busy” to go to church. Between working full time and having almost all of classes requiring group work, I pushed finding a home church to the side. Graduation came and I had felt blessed enough to have the most amazing internship with my current employer. Since they did not have a job opening for me when I left, I found something else in the interim. About 6 weeks after graduation, my boss during my internship called me to let me know of a position opening that she wanted me to apply and interview for. The cards aligned in another way, as my boss at the interim job also sat on the board for my organization. I told him about this opportunity and he told me to take it! With lots of praying and some connections I got the job! For the first time in my life I knew this was where I belonged! 

Upon finding my place in the work world, I returned my focus on finding a home church.  My mind always went back to Catholic Mass. The rhythm and the structure always felt natural to me. I also love the fact that it doesn’t matter what church, in what country I go to on a Sunday, the readings are always the same. So I found the perfect Catholic Church for me and attended there for almost a year. I also decided that when the time came to get married, I wanted to get married in the Catholic Church. Once I finally started to feel completely comfortable at my church, my future husband said that he wanted to move back home. Enter prayer: we started planning in September of 2012, and I kept telling him that if it was meant to be, then God will make it happen. Fast forward to June 2013, after spending months applying for jobs in our home town, my organization had a job opening for the same position that I was doing. I applied…I GOT!! I was in disbelief, I ended work on Friday, moved myself across the state, back into my dad’s house and started on Monday. How was this possible! 

I have almost always looked at things in the most positive light as possible, if things are meant to be then they will happen with no glitches or road blocks. That is what happened with this move. I immediately started house hunting and by Thanksgiving 2013 we had a house, Kyle and I moved in, and I was half way done with RCIA (Rights of Chrisitan Intiation for Adults). On Christmas Day Kyle proposed to me and  on Easter 2014 I became a Chatholic child of God. 

Stay tuned as I post the little things that brought me closer God! 

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