10 Things About Me!

10 Things about me!

I almost missed another week of writing… In my mind that is not okay. I told myself that I would post every Sunday! I have already thrown in a couple of Monday posts and couple of double post weeks. This blog is something that I am passionate about so I need to plan time each to work on it! So, since I do not want to miss another week I am going to tell you 10 things that you may not know about me!

  1. I was born and raise in Las Vegas, NV! I have only lived in one other state, California, when I was too young to remember.
  2. I graduated from University of Nevada, Reno with a Bachelors Degree in Human Development and Family Studies. My life’s passion is families! My husband and I lived in Reno for 7 years before moving back to Las Vegas.
  3. I am a huge nerd! My husband and I love Comic books, going to Comic Con. We are gamers, and husband is even trying to build his YouTube Channel. We also own almost every marvel movie released. My all time favorite character is Harley Quinn!
  4. I have been with my husband since High School! There were a couple of breaks thrown in there, but we were together for 10 years before we got married in 2015. 
  5. I have one Son Matthew who was stillborn in November 2017. You can read his story here.
  6. I love Cats! yes, I am a married cat lady… maybe one day we will add a dog to our family…but not for LONG TIME!
  7. I have traveled out of the country… but only to 2 places, Mexico and Italy. In Mexico I have been to Cancun, and the southern most tip of Baja California. In Italy, I have been to Rome and Florence. I would love to travel more though!
  8. Our wedding was Baseball themed! Our reception was at the Las Vegas 51’s ballpark. Our engagement photos were taken on the field and we were also able to get some wedding photos out on the field! My husband’s favorite team is the Chicago Cubs, so of course they are my favorite team!
    10 things about me.PIN
  9. I have worked at four places. My first Job was at Bed Bath and Beyond! I now know way too much about everything house related… it makes it very difficult to purchase items for my home…Second I worked at Old Navy, which I actually loved! Third was the place that I grew the most and Loved immensely and probably the hardest I will ever have to leave, The Children’s Cabinet. In September 2018, I was hired by the county that I live in and work directly with families. It has been the most challenging, but the most rewarding job I have had.
  10. My goal one day is open an etsy shop for Amigurumi and custom orders. (I still have a ways to go for this though!)
    Preemie Blanket Set

Comment below if you have any questions for me! Thanks for reading!

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