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Crochet projects! 

It has been two months since I started this blog! I cannot believe it!  Because it has been two months since I started I wanted to give you an update on how my crocheting has progressed! I have completed 7 baby blankets of various sizes, and three baby beanies. I also have two personal projects… Continue reading Crochet projects! 

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The little moments!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the little moments. The moments that most take for granted. The moments that seem insignificant until later. The little moments that I wish I could get back. The past 3 months I have been extremely focused on the little changes in my body, which if you have… Continue reading The little moments!

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My earliest walks with God. (Part 2)

A story of how my faith has grown into what it is today.   Do you need to catch up on Part 1?  The most influential people along my faith journey: My mother Suzan (long time family friend) My step-mother Beth Moore C.S. Lewis An old Co-worker Father Gerry (head reverend at my church) After finding… Continue reading My earliest walks with God. (Part 2)

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Trying again!

This past December shortly after a month had pasted since Matthew was born, my husband and I started talking about when a good time to start trying to have another baby was for us. My husband has always wanted a December baby for two reasons: 1) his dad was born on December 9th, but pasted… Continue reading Trying again!

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Responding to a Grieving Mother

Since I have been back to work for a month now, I have had a couple of conversations with people about why I was out of work for 7 weeks. For my job I go out to schools and teach parent engagement classes, because of this numerous people knew that I was pregnant and that… Continue reading Responding to a Grieving Mother