The Crosses We Carry

This Sunday we are reminded of the sacrifice that was made for us, we are also reminded of the terrible things Jesus went through before rising again.

Through the many examples given to us we are reminded that we all must carry our own crosses, and that if they are heavy God is always helping us carry them. We are never given more than we can handle. He puts pressure on us to make us into diamonds (referenced from a song, but it’s true). Every cross we carry is given to us for a reason, for a purpose we may not know yet. Most of all they all teach us to keep our eyes on Jesus, He will lead us to where we are meant to be.

These are things I am constantly reminding myself of everyday through this incredibly heavy cross I am carrying right now. Always be looking at God, he already holds the future that we are so eagerly awaiting, we just have to be patient and we will be rewarded.

This Easter I was I hoping to have a weeks old baby in my arms and enjoying his first Easter, but that’s not my reality. I could tell that the pain has subsided, or the pain is too much, but neither is true… it’s just a constant ache and reminder of what’s missing. That’s my cross. There are going to be many more moments like this as time passes and they will sneak up on me like today, but today is a glorious reminder to keep my eyes of Jesus since he has risen today! If I keep my eyes on him, trust him, follow his lead, I will be rewarded blessing I have yet to fathom.

Happy Easter everyone!

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