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Hello September!

Here's to New Beginnings! It's been awhile since I last posted... Partly because I was having a hard time processing my first Mother's Day, my husband's first Father's Day, how I wanted to continue honoring Matthew... honestly... the excuses are endless as this point and then I longer I was gone the harder it was… Continue reading Hello September!

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The Crosses We Carry

This Sunday we are reminded of the sacrifice that was made for us, we are also reminded of the terrible things Jesus went through before rising again. Through the many examples given to us we are reminded that we all must carry our own crosses, and that if they are heavy God is always helping… Continue reading The Crosses We Carry

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I had dreamed of this day…

Letter to Matthew: Today is your due date... When I first found out I was pregnant I immediately looked up your due date March 24, 2018... You were supposed to share the month with your cousin Hunter and you were hopefully going to share the day with your cousin Jennifer! I was so happy! Filled… Continue reading I had dreamed of this day…

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The little moments!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the little moments. The moments that most take for granted. The moments that seem insignificant until later. The little moments that I wish I could get back. The past 3 months I have been extremely focused on the little changes in my body, which if you have… Continue reading The little moments!


Grief, a powerful thing…

It's funny, you can be going about your day, not really thinking about the tragedy the befell you, and BAM! it's like a freight train hits you head on. The mind is a funny thing, the mind can convince the body that it is pregnant (chemical pregnancy), make your body heal without medicine (placebo effect).… Continue reading Grief, a powerful thing…


Visiting Matthew for the first time…

Last Sunday we went to visit Matthew for the first time since he was buried on December 1, 2017. They had just placed his marker a couple days prior, so we wanted to make sure it was correct and bring some new flowers. I was so nervous to go...what if it wasn't right, what if… Continue reading Visiting Matthew for the first time…


Finding Purpose Through Tragedy 

When we arrived at the hospital to be induced and wait for Matthew's arrival, one of my nurses gave us a box of keepsakes. Inside was a crocheted blanket, beanie, bear, and a keepsake book. When she first gave me the box I wasn't sure how to feel, I thought it was a nice gesture.… Continue reading Finding Purpose Through Tragedy